Ignis, the Eternal Flame
Ignis, the Eternal Flame

Genius of Mimiron Deceit of Loken Runic Axe Runic Greatmace Runic Shortsword Pain of Jotun Flame of Odyn Light of Tyr Wisdom of Freya Spark of Ra-den Hope of Sif Chill of Hodir Storm of Thorim
Name Ignis, The Eternal Flame
Id 98520
Mana Cost 4
Attack 2
Health 4
Classes Neutral
Minion Type
Spell School
Flavor Text Eternal Flame He Has 4 Health
Text <b> Battlecry:</b> If You've <b> Forged</b> A Card This Game, Craft A Custom Weapon
Keywords Battlecry, Forge
Collectible True
Duels Constructed False
Duels Relevant False