Argus, the Emerald Star
Argus, the Emerald Star

Crystal Carving Show of Force Crystal Elemental Argunite Army
Name Argus, The Emerald Star
Id 98344
Mana Cost 7
Attack 5
Health 9
Classes Demon Hunter
Minion Type
Spell School
Flavor Text Once A Proud Titan, Argus Was Fated To Meet A Darker End Sargeras And His Demons Would Later Corrupt And Shatter Argus To Use His Power For Themselves
Text <b> Titan</b> Minions To The Left Of This Have <b> Rush</b>, And Ones To The Right Have <b> Lifesteal</b>
Keywords Rush, Titan, Lifesteal
Collectible True
Duels Constructed False
Duels Relevant False