Kazakus Potion Kingsblood Kingsblood Sheep Stonescale Oil Stonescale Oil Stonescale Oil Mystic Wool Mystic Wool Netherbloom Netherbloom Netherbloom Kabal Demon Kabal Demon Kabal Demon Icecap Ichor of Undeath Ichor of Undeath Ichor of Undeath Goldthorn Goldthorn Goldthorn Shadow Oil Shadow Oil Shadow Oil Kazakus Potion Kingsblood Kazakus Potion Lesser Potion Heart of Fire Heart of Fire Heart of Fire Icecap Icecap Greater Potion Felbloom Felbloom Felbloom Superior Potion
Name Kazakus
Card Set Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
Id 40408
Mana Cost 4
Attack 3
Health 3
Classes Mage, Priest, Warlock
Minion Type
Spell School
Flavor Text The Mysterious Leader Of The Kabal Is Not A Dragon, And Does Not Deal In Illegal Potions Any Public Statements To The Contrary Will Be Met With Litigation And Dragonfire Potions
Text <b> Battlecry:</b> If Your Deck Has No Duplicates, Create A Custom Spell
Keywords Battlecry
Collectible True
Duels Constructed False
Duels Relevant False