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Puzzlemaster Khadgar
Puzzlemaster Khadgar

Mirror Image Flamestrike Sheep Frostbolt Fireball Counterspell Ice Barrier Blizzard Polymorph Arcane Missiles Mirror Image Magic Wisdomball Arcane Intellect
Name Puzzlemaster Khadgar
Card Set Whizbang's Workshop
Id 108515
Mana Cost 6
Attack 5
Health 5
Classes Mage
Minion Type
Spell School
Flavor Text Khadgar Khadgar In The Ball, Who Is The Smartest White Haired, Tall, Handsome Mage Of Them All
Text <b> Battlecry:</b> Equip A 0/6 Wisdomball That Casts Helpful Mage Spells
Keywords Battlecry
Collectible True
Duels Constructed False
Duels Relevant False