Dr. Boom's Incredible Inventions Mage Reveals!
Dr. Boom's Incredible Inventions is Hearthstone's next miniset launching on May 14.
Blizzard gave me some nice new Mage cards to reveal so let's get right to it!
Malfunction - A new card for Spell Mage!
Is it finally time for Lightshow to shine?

Another "no minions" card! If we look at the current winrates for Spell Mage and especially for the Lightshow/Burn variant we can see a weakeness against decks that get on board early like Paladin and especially Hunter. This card looks like an easy fit to help shore up early game weaknesses. 6 random damage early on does a lot.

Buy One, Get One Freeze - A puntasticly named card!
I don't know about you, but I want to play a 4 mana Rag and then copy it twice!

With the new Gigantify keyword bringing more 8/8s into the game, Buy One, Get One Freeze could be a nice addition for mage. It brings immediate comparisons with Reverberations. Reverberations makes it easier for to the Mage to clear their opponent's minion, but also makes the summoned copy more vulnerable. With Sleet Skater being a popular inclusion in minion mages we might our opponent's big minion surviving might be to our advantage so we can farm it for armor.

Just like Reverberations, we can also target our own minions. This can be good for minions who have good effects even if they don't attack, though unfortunately we can't trigger the abilities of frozen Titans.

One card that doesn't mind being frozen is Ragnaros the Firelord. Could we see mage running a 6 card package of 2x Buy One, Get One Freeze, 2x Sleet Skater, Ragnaros the Firelord, and the recently buffed Mes'Adune the Fractured?

Darkmoon Magician - The casino card you wanna try!
Easy to overestimate. Easy to underestimate.
A very interesting card we probably need to try out first to get a good feel for all the spells this Magician will be slinging. The elusive on the card does a lot to help it stick, both because it's harder for your opponent to clear and also because it makes it hard for the Magician to clear itself. We know from tendrils that most consistently good pool is at 9 mana but that seems too hard to target given that we'd need to cast a spell for 8 mana to trigger it.

The 5 mana spell pool looks serviceable enough that we might even want to drop this on three to curve it into a 4 mana spell, but we would probably still prefer to play multiple spells with it.

The card will probably be best used with a lot of low cost spells. If mage has access to the new packs mechanic for spells that could be a good avenue to generate a bunch of spells to use with the magician
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